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Firms 'lack cloud security awareness'

Businesses appear to have a lack of understanding about the security issues associated with cloud computing, an expert has claimed.

Recently, European Commission digital agenda vice-president Neelie Kroes made a speech at the Universite Paris-Dauphine and said that said more research is needed to boost the security of cloud services.

The expert also highlighted the importance of privacy and said this needs to be incorporated into the basic principles of cloud computing.

ThinkGrid chief executive Rob Lovell claimed that many companies overestimate the security risks that come with the technology and said many need to realise how safe the technology can be.

'Data is stored remotely in the cloud and is managed by a specialist company with a highly-skilled team of IT professionals, it is actually far more secure than their typical office IT set-up,' he added.

Mr Lovell added that cloud computing is likely to become more important in the future as firms embrace flexible working and the advantages it can allow.

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